Witherspoon is actively engaged in the work of empowering the community! Witherspoon offers members a number of opportunities to provide personal and immediate demonstrations of God’s Love. Through the preaching of the Gospel, missions, evangelism, and the creative arts, Witherspoon is committed to remaining a light of hope and a witness for God’s Grace and Compassion.

2021 Men’s Health Symposium with Dr. Derek Griffith

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Witherspoon West

Our main campus located on Michigan Road is the main location for worship, administration and community programs. Witherspoon West sits on a palatial 10-acre campus surrounded by grass, and open fields.  Witherspoon West houses our main Worship Center, Family Life Center, Children’s Library, The Heritage Chapel, The Denise K. LaRue Youth Leader Development Center and Administrative Offices. Ample parking is provided and the entire campus is handicap accessible.

Matthew 25: A National Initiative of the PC(USA)

We are honored to partner with our friends at Immanuel Presbyterian Church through the Matthew 25 initiative to offer programs and spiritual support to those in need. Immanuel Presbyterian Church is a robust community of faith with a longstanding legacy of community engagement and evangelism. Together, the Witherspoon and Immanuel Churches have joined forces under the banner of Matthew 25 to make a difference in the world today!  For more information about Matthew 25, please visit https://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/matthew-25/

Witherspoon Center City

Beginning Fall 2020, Witherspoon is moving its young adult programs to the center of the City of Indianapolis!  With this bold new downtown location, we hope to offer life changing programs, small group Christian Education opportunities, and fresh new outreach initiatives for young adults and families living in and near downtown Indianapolis!  If you are interested in participating or serving as a Campus Liaison, please contact the Church Office at 317-251-2297.

Weekly Food Pantry: The Lords Pantry at Witherspoon

Each Tuesday from 9-11:00 am, the Family Life Center is packed with families in need of food, love and care.  For more than a decade, The Lord’s Pantry has been a thriving ministry sponsored jointly with our sisters and brothers at St. Monica Catholic Church.  If you are interested in making a donation, please bring all non-perishable items to Witherspoon and enter through The Family Life Center entrance.  We are constantly in need of volunteers!  No training needed and there is a role for people of all ages and physical abilities.  Please call the church to sign up!

The Imani Community Wellness Project

The Imani Community Wellness Project at Witherspoon is an interactive, multi-generational, holistic wellness program designed for members of Witherspoon and the surrounding community that centers on the Arts. Imani is the 7th Day of Kwanzaa and means faith!  Focusing on the themes of mind (mental health), body (physical health) and spirit (spiritual health), the Imani Community Wellness Project seeks to offer programs and activities that seek to connect, inspire, nourish, and inform its participants through the power of story, relationship building and liminal experiences as a way to foster community and as a means of spiritual formation.  Programs in each of these tracks will be offered weekly or biweekly, all at no cost to the community.  We are committed to creating a community of hope and restoration, where people from all walks of life can feel welcomed and supported by the programs and activities made available to them.

For a schedule of our current and upcoming events and activities, look below and call the Church Office for details.

Witherspoon and the Arts

The Arts have always been a part of the DNA of Witherspoon! Long before it became popular for other sectors to champion artistic diversity and creative excellence, Witherspoon was proudly  leading the way! 

As far back as the 1940’s, Witherspoon had its own performing arts consortium where it offered lessons, concerts, workshops and other public events at no cost to the community. Later, under the leadership of the late Reverend Dr. Landrum Shields, this consortium became known as The Dr. Mary Etta Rose Performing Arts Center at Witherspoon, which had as its teaching staff national music artists, celebrated visual artists and professors from regional colleges and universities.

Even today, Witherspoon remains a champion for the arts, arts access, artistic diversity, and artistic philanthropic support. We are blessed to partner with and support many of the city’s most creative and innovative artists, arts organizations and foundations. As a congregation, we produce three annual concert series each year: The Sylvia Yvonne Smith Sacred Music Concert (Lent); The Reverend Marvin Chandler Celebration of Jazz (Fall); and Christmas at Witherspoon (Advent).

Learn more about the artistic legacy of Witherspoon below and meet some of our leading partners. 

Jazz at Witherspoon

For over a century Witherspoon has been a generator and gathering place for some of the nations most celebrated artists and musicians. This is especially true when it comes to Jazz in Indianapolis.

From the great days of “The Indiana Avenue” here in Indianapolis until now, Witherspoon holds the distinction like no other with having some of the greatest Jazz musicians past and present as part of the Witherspoon Family.

The Witherspoon Jazz Honor Roll: Past and Present

Russell Webster
Jimmy Coe
Reginald DuValle, Sr.
J.J. Johnson
Reverend Marvin Chandler
Dr. Willis Kirk
George “Sparky” Smith
Erroll Grandy
Pavel Polanco-Safadit
Reverend Bill Myers
Vincent Finnell
Carrington Clinton
Rob Dixon

Witherspoon is blessed to have an extensive network of musicians and vocalists who consider Witherspoon home! Whether they perform weekly or sing seasonally, Witherspoon has always possessed a rich and diverse musical tradition that remains strong even today.

Stay connected to our Special Events to see all of the exciting upcoming events.

Kim Kenny and the Indy Urban Youth Choir

Under the trailblazing and visionary leadership of Kimberly Kenny, the Indy Urban Youth Choir is without peer in the City of Indianapolis. With its commitment to value and nurture the ability of all children, the Indy Urban Youth Choir is dedicated to creating an inclusive and expressive outlet that enables students to make connections by exploring the relationships between music and disciplines outside of the arts.

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The Asante Art Institute of Indianapolis

The impact of the Asante Art Institute on this artist landscape of the State of Indiana is unmatched. Asante is a cultural organization that is for everyone. It uses the arts to foster artistic development and cultural sincerity in youth and adults. 

In 1990, the Asante Children’s Theatre was borne as a place where youth could achieve self-confidence through cultural awareness. After 31 years, the Children’s Theatre and two other branches now reside under the Asante Art Institute umbrella. The Artreprenuerial Incubator is where the intersectionality of theatre and other industries is studied. Youth and adults can develop the essential skills and business acumen necessary to be change agents and leaders as global citizens. The Community Connection program is where African-centered sacred art is preserved and promoted, intergenerational scholarship is created, and community gatherings that foster change in thought and deed for tackling pertinent societal issues are organized. The mission of the Asante Art Institute of Indianapolis, Inc. is to cultivate global citizens through the arts.

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Angela Brown and Morning Brown, Inc.


Angela Brown personifies the ideal soprano: sheer vocal power; luxurious finesse; and shimmering, high pianissimos. With a charming personality larger than life, she unites Opera, Pops, and Gospel in one sensational voice and has graced the leading opera and symphonic stages across six continents. While opera is the main catalyst for her career, Angela’s performance experience includes everything from star hostess on stage to producer, recording artist, and program creator. Her most recent endeavor is launching Morning Brown, Inc., a nonprofit with the mission of bridging the gap between accessible, live-music programs and under-served individuals, schools, and communities. Drawing on the success of her groundbreaking show, Opera…from a Sistah’s Point of View©1997, Morning Brown, Inc., works to bring cultural experiences and awareness to cultural deserts. She launches a new podcast with Classical Music Indy and co-host Joshua Thompson this year titled “Melanated Moments in Classical Music.”
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The Indianapolis Women’s Chorus

Indianapolis Women’s Chorus  embodies musical excellence and the power of women and song to transform communities. As a feminist chorus with roots in the LGBTQA community, IWC gives voice to the importance of equality for women, honoring women’s unique strengths to bring about a more inclusive and peaceful world. IWC stands with and for those whose voices go unheard, unrecognized or unacknowledged. Striving for musical excellence, IWC chooses music that gives voice to the experiences of women and honors women’s lives. Young and old, representing a variety faiths, backgrounds and sexual identities, IWC singers respect each other, and accept all.www.indianapoliswomenschorus.org

Our Partners for Impact

Witherspoon is proud to partner with several community organizations across many sectors and areas of influence.  Each of our partners represents areas of care for Witherspoon and we are deeply committed to nurturing strong relationships with our community partners.

The Asante Children’s Theater
Faith in Indiana
Matthew 25
Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)
The United Negro College Fund
The Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center
St. Monica Catholic Church
The Indianapolis Brass Choir
The Center for Congregations
The L.E. Newsome String Ensemble
The Indianapolis Women’s Choir
Light of the World Christian Church
The Reverend Shonda Gladden and Good to the Soul