Welcome to WPC Youth Ministry!

The mission of the Youth Ministry of Witherspoon Presbyterian Church is to provide a spiritual atmosphere conducive for youth to learn the Word of God while also developing the life skills and cultural grounding necessary to navigate the world. The ministry desires for God to use its members to make an ‘impact’ through creative ideas and innovative Bible-centered initiatives that will bring the reality of scripture to our contemporary setting, while also equipping our children with the practical and intellectual tools necessary for success. Through our grounding principles and core values, we aim to build strong and learned young people who will go out and become change agents for the Kingdom.

Minister Josiah McCruiston

Youth Pastor

Youth Ministry Core Values

Each principle is in Swahili to give cultural relevance and reverence to our ancestors.

We will hold in high regard; ourselves, others, and our environment to glorify God and bring dignity to our lives.

We will take claim over our land, our belongings, and our actions and have responsibility for the well-being of how we exit any space, temporarily or permanently.

Our honesty is of the utmost importance in our moral character in our lives as Christians, community, and our culture.

We will use knowledge, life experiences, and good judgment in all of our decision making.

We are stewards and champions of compassion and empathy.

Our Space

In our newly renovated Elder Judge Denise K. LaRue Youth Development Wing, we are focused on Cultural, Connection, and Care. We feature our Eden’s Playground for our children 7 years and under. This place is designed to allow our young minds to form friendships and characters in a safe space. We also hold our teen space called The Studio, where our teens can have a communal space to work, play, and create inside of a new aged environment. Features include gaming systems, computers, a wall projector, and sound enhancements. We also house The Rufus and Susie Myers Children’s Library, which features an expansive collection books by black authors.

Get Involved

We have a growing ministry with tons of opportunity for you to get involved! There is room for parents and young people alike to engage in this life changing ministry.

Melodies from Heaven Youth Choir

Lillies of the Valley Dance Ministry

Order My Steps Youth Step Team

MENtors: Young Men’s Mentoring Program

LIGHT: Young Women’s Mentoring Program

Young Writer’s Woodshed

Canvas Artist Workshop

Youth Ministry Contact

Email: wpcyouthmin@gmail.com
Twitter: @YouthWpc 
Instagram: @wpc_youthmin

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