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Our Partners for Impact

Witherspoon is proud to partner with several community organizations across many sectors and areas of influence.  Each of our partners represents areas of care for Witherspoon and we are deeply committed to nurturing strong relationship with our community partners.

Witherspoon and the City

Starting in the Fall of 2024, Witherspoon is moving its young adult programs to the center of the City of Indianapolis!  With this bold new downtown location, we hope to offer life-changing program, small group opportunities, and outreach initiatives for young adults and families living in and near downtown Indianapolis!  If you are interested in participating or serving as a Campus Liaison, please contact the Church Office.

The Lords Pantry at Witherspoon

A Joint Ministry of St. Monica Catholic Church and Witherspoon Presbyterian Church

Each Tuesday from 9-11:00 AM the Family Life Center is packed with families in need of food, love and care.  For more than a decade The Lord’s Pantry has been a thriving ministry sponsored jointly with Witherspoon and our sisters and brothers at St. Monica Catholic Church.  If you are interested in making a donation, please bring all non-perishable item to Witherspoon and enter through the Family Life Center door.  We are constantly in need of volunteers!  No training needed and there is a role for people of all ages and physical abilities.  Please call the church to sign up!

Imani Community Wellness Project

The Imani Community Wellness Project at Witherspoon is an interactive, multi-generational, holistic wellness program designed for members of Witherspoon and the surrounding community that centers on the arts. Imani is the 7th Day of Kwanzaa and means faith!  Focusing on the themes of mind (mental health), body (physical health), and spirit (spiritual health), the Imani Community Wellness Project seeks to offer programs and activities that seek to connect, inspire, nourish, and inform its participants through the power of story, relationship building, and liminal experiences as a way to foster community and as a means of spiritual formation.  Programs in each of these tracks will be offered weekly or biweekly, all at no cost to the community.  We are committed to creating a community of hope and restoration, where people from all walks of life can feel welcomed and supported by the programs and activities made available to them.

For a schedule of our current and upcoming events and activities, look below and call the Church Office for details.

Jazz at Witherspoon

For over a century Witherspoon has been a generator and gathering place for some of the nations most celebrated artists and musicians. This is especially true when it comes to Jazz and Indianapolis.

Arts at Witherspoon

Witherspsoon remains a supporter of performing arts through hosting various choral collaborations, workshops and concert series.  Most recently, Witherspoon Choirs hosted a Choral Festival with the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus and MUSE Cincinnati’s Women’s Chorus in March 2019.  In April 2019, Witherspoon hosted the Elmhurst College Concert Choir and Voices of Light from Light of the World Christian Church of Indianapolis in concert, as well as hosted a Good Friday Sacred Piano Concert featuring world-renowned pianist and clinician Dr. Tedrin Blair Lindsay as a part of the Sylvia Yvonne Smith Sacred Arts Series.  And in May 2019, Witherspoon hosted the Sing to the Rafters Choral Workshop with clinician Dr. James Abbington.

Witherspoon is blessed to have an extensive network of musicians and vocalists who consider Witherspoon home!  Whether they perform weekly or sing seasonally, Witherspoon has always possessed a rich and diverse musical tradition that is strong even today.

Stay connected to our Special Events to see all of the exciting upcoming events.


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