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A Place of Hope and Restoration

Witherspoon Presbyterian Church is a lively congregation with deep roots in the Presbyterian tradition, active involvement and mission in our local community and beyond, and a wide embrace for all of God’s children. Our members have taken this motto — Christ · Community · Connection — and we do everything within the power God has given us to live out that aspiration in our church and in our daily lives. We strive in all that we do to be a place of – Hope and Restoration – for all who are battered by life and who are in need of Gods care and love.

We believe that this loving acceptance — along with intelligent and inspiring preaching, our outstanding music program, and our special attention to children’s education and activities — are the elements that have made Witherspoon a thriving and growing congregation.  On any given Sunday at Witherspoon Presbyterian Church, you will hear the stories of the Bible taught to young children and their voices lifted in song during the worship service.  You will find in-depth Bible study that challenges the mind and heart.  You will see a congregation of people who care for one another and who reach out to those in need in tangible and collaborative ways. Your worship of God will be enhanced by some of the best music in Atlanta.  You will be inspired and encouraged by stirring sermons.  Most of all, you will feel the presence of God in the worship, ministry, and mission of this spirited congregation.


Witherspoon Presbyterian Church
3535 W. Kessler Blvd. N. Dr.
Indianapolis, IN

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