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The Second Sunday of Advent: Peace

Worship at Witherspoon on Kessler
The Second Sunday of Advent: Peace
Sunday, December 10, 2023
Dr. Winterbourne Harrison-Jones, Senior Pastor

Advent Sermon Series: “The Peace of Christ: Understand It, Claim It, Create It, Protect It”
Sermon Title: “Tangled, Tormented, and Tortured”
Supporting Theme: “Let Jesus Change You”
Sermon Text: The Gospel of St. John 14:27 and The Gospel of St. Mark 5:1-20

Live Prelude: Mr. Myron Williams,

Witherspoon High Organist in Residence

Pre-Recorded Prelude Music by Renowned Pianist, Gospel Musicologist, and Witherspoon Senior Artist in Residence, the Reverend Dennis H. Freeman’s album, “Sweet Hour of Prayer.”

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